Zed's been spending most of the day staring out the Observation Window. He doesn't need the holographic data or the floor plans anymore. He really didn't need them in the first place. He could have run this entire scenario in his head if he had had to. Laying it out on paper and screen was just a matter of convenience, and a way to double-check that he wasn't making an obvious mistake.

Either way, the time for prep is done. The word's gone out to the volunteers about tonight's briefing, and they have already begun to show up. Zed's found a quiet corner of the bar and a small table, on which sits the cylinder which is now projecting a holographic image of the MiB logo.

He's been staring at that logo. It's never been more compromised than it is right now. By the time this mission is done, it will stand for something again--or be finished for good.

But then comes the sight of the first people arriving, and just like that, all his worries are cast aside.
As a group, we're just big enough to make logistics sort of tricky, so I'm assuming everything will be slowtimed sooner-or-later. So if your schedule is nuts over the next few days, no worries. We'll work it out.

I'm hoping to get the first thread done tonight because it's just Zed's briefing. He's going to go over all the important details so anyone who hasn't had a chance to catch up on previous posts won't have to worry about it. But if your pup has questions, this will be the time to ask.

Once that thread is done, I'm planning on three actual Big Fight threads, one for each team. Here's what Zed will be planning, but if you'd rather have your pup be doing something different, just let me know. I've tried to have the teams fall in line with pups' skills but also muns' schedules:


Team Alpha

Agent Zed, Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman, Alex Krycek, Suzi Darley, Captain Richard Ryan, Oracle, Sheriff Bill Pardy

Mission Objectives

1) Retake the MiB HQ command room on sublevel C from Black Oil operatives.
2) Once in command, assess situation, and initiate MiB defense systems
3) Assist other teams as needed

Team Delta

Goldilocks, Stephanie Brown, Duo Maxwell, She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters)

Mission Objectives

1) Get Duo to the Stiletto mech in the Landing Bay (Level D)
2) Take down any Black Oil operatives you see with extreme prejudice and maximum firepower (fun!)

Team Omega

Guardian Bob, Matrix, the Bunny

Mission Objectives

1) Hold the line. You are the last line of defense for Milliways.
2) If things go pear-shaped, provide cover fire for a retreat


I'll try to be as available as possible over the next few days so we can keep that Big Momentum going. And if a bunch of us are online at once, we can always have a 'Black Oil' chatbox up.

And with that, it's on to the first thread, "A Final Briefing"!
The questions eventually die down. Everyone has what they need. Zed can still see the Door.

It's Time.

Zed leads the group across the Bar and puts a hand on the Door as he turns to look at them. When he gets their collective nod, he drops his hand down to the door knob and waits as they take defensive positions.