As the other teams head out, a quiet falls over the armory room, broken only by the gentle hum of the ventilation system and the low rumble of that other machine, whatever and wherever it might be.

Even the noises coming from the bar seem hushed as the waiting part of Team Omega's mission begins.

There's still all that shiny, though. Including some cylinders that look like they might be replacement charges for the Bunny's flamethrower. Ah, those Men in Black. They always come prepared.

(ooc: good time to say how the team will position themselves to defend the door)
Looking to the right, the hallway goes quite a ways down. There are several doors along the way, but also an open space at the far end that looks like it might be a stairwell.

Unfortunately, it's immediately clear that these hallways aren't going to provide any cover whatsoever.
"Stick close," Zed mutters, as he leads the way down the hallway.

"No damn cover here at all," he continues. "Asses hanging right out in the open."

You better believe he'll remember this moment at renovation time.