A silence falls over sublevel C, broken only by the occasional clatter of falling debris, and the quiet chatter coming over the MiB comm, as the surviving Men in Black escape from the DeNeuralyzation Room upstairs and fan out to see just how bad things are.

Well, they sure aren't good. But the destruction of N, Y, T in the shooting gallery has left the Oil for dead, apparently everywhere else in the Headquarters.

That wasn't supposed to be how the Oil worked. But then, Zed thinks, MiB got most of its data about the Black Oil from those same Agents.

He looks around what's left of the gallery, and of Marvin, and then finally the rest of his team.

A long pause.

"I'll say this much for Milliways."

"The place is a fucking nuthouse, and always will be."

"But the people there know how to kick ass like nobody else."


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