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( May. 3rd, 2007 10:55 pm)

MiB Headquarters,
Post-Black Oil Infestation Recovery Operation: Day Twenty-Two,
Office of Agent Zed

Zed passes his hand over a small sphere set into the surface of his desk. The curved glass window around his office darkens and goes opaque. Indirect lighting keeps the light at a steady level, but the room doesn't feel quite so exposed now.

"You really think she needs that?" K asks. "The kid's tough, Boss."

"I know," Zed replies, not looking up.

K looks at him for a bit, then goes back to moving one of the chairs to the front of Zed's desk. That done, he walks over to the glass door that leads out to the catwalk and the rest of MiB Headquarters. Hand on the entry panel, he waits.

Zed finishes putting his papers and neuralyzer in order. Then with a sigh, he nods.

K taps against the glass door. Even he can't help feeling a touch of vertigo as the glass door swings open to show, not the catwalk, but Milliways just beyond.

Sure enough, she's standing there, waiting.

K smiles. "C'mon in, Steph. We're all set here."

The smile's a lie. K is just as worried as Zed about what may be about to happen. But showing it would probably just make things harder.


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