MiB Headquarters,
Post-Black Oil Infestation Recovery Operation: Day Twenty-Two,
Office of Agent Zed

Zed passes his hand over a small sphere set into the surface of his desk. The curved glass window around his office darkens and goes opaque. Indirect lighting keeps the light at a steady level, but the room doesn't feel quite so exposed now.

"You really think she needs that?" K asks. "The kid's tough, Boss."

"I know," Zed replies, not looking up.

K looks at him for a bit, then goes back to moving one of the chairs to the front of Zed's desk. That done, he walks over to the glass door that leads out to the catwalk and the rest of MiB Headquarters. Hand on the entry panel, he waits.

Zed finishes putting his papers and neuralyzer in order. Then with a sigh, he nods.

K taps against the glass door. Even he can't help feeling a touch of vertigo as the glass door swings open to show, not the catwalk, but Milliways just beyond.

Sure enough, she's standing there, waiting.

K smiles. "C'mon in, Steph. We're all set here."

The smile's a lie. K is just as worried as Zed about what may be about to happen. But showing it would probably just make things harder.
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Steph shoves her hands in her pockets and steps through, trying her best not to look intimidated.

"Gang's all here?" she enquires, with forced cheer. The Security badge in her pocket is a comforting reminder that she can escape at any stage; she fiddles with it for a moment, perching cross-legged on the chair in front of the desk.

"So ... yeah."
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Steph frowns at it; particularly at the split toes of the smaller shoes. It'd be pretty pointless denying that she was the one wearing those.

After a moment, she looks back up at Zed, shrugging awkwardly. "I didn't realise that was real."
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"The neuralyzers that make people forget things," Steph says, after a moment of realisation. "Oh, fuck. You don't think --?"
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Steph is rubbing her temple uncomfortably. Things in her head!

"I -- Well, I don't really sleep well at the best of times, but -- yeah, it's been a bit --"

She grimaces, expressively, and eyes the neuralyzer on the desk.

Sounding resigned: "Is this going to hurt much?"
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Steph looks vaguely relieved. "Okay. Uh ... do you mean hypnosis or something? It's just that night, right?"
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Steph settles a little more comfortably into her chair, closing her eyes.

"Yeah ... there was a huge hole in the floor, but I didn't ride down on the back of Duo's mech for some reason -- oh, I had a de-cel cable. And Goldy ... didn't follow, did she? I thought she was going to when I jumped..."

She's quiet for a moment, forehead creasing with effort.

"It was still hot around the edges. The floors, I mean. And a little sharp. Made me think of the earthquake, bits sticking out, there was this one jagged ledge a few floors between in my way, and I was -- I jumped too far out? No, that's not -- but why did I go over there, then? ... And I ... landed on the ground, I think, and Duo had already ... did he blow up the Oil? How did that fight end?"
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"Hello?" Steph calls, frowning as she straightens up, and slipping a batarang into her hand. She's still adrenaline-fuelled, heart thumping from the fight with the bug creatures; she takes a couple of steps forwards to slightly steadier ground.

"Are you from one of the other teams, or do I get to blow you up too?"
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Steph stares at it for a little, brow furrowing.

When it becomes clear there's not going to be any further answer, she shifts her grip on the 'rang and lifts her chin.

"Okay, so if you're not with us then you're not supposed to be here and I have to knock you out and take you wherever. Uh ... or blow you up, but you're a person, not a bug. I think. ... Uh, so ... what are you?"

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"Well ... that's good to know."

Steph tilts her head and peers at it.

"... When you say we, are you using the royal we, or are you more than one thing? 'Cos I'm getting the impression I might need some backup..."

The last part is mumbled. Probably not quietly enough, though.
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"Well, yes," Steph says, in a rather duh tone of voice, but the hairs on the back of her neck are prickling, and her stance is a little more poised, prepared for movement.

"--I'm not sure Zed would agree with you on that first bit."

She fights the urge to hold a hanky to its nose and order it to blow.
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"I'm not telling," Steph says, frowning. "You have to do your own research or you'll never learn anything."

She takes a couple of steps backwards, nearer the jagged edge of the floor, still watching it warily.

"... I guess he's in charge."
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"I'm not—" Steph starts to protest, but she's a little off balance. Maybe the yawn that's cracking her jaw has something to do with that.

It's been a long day, suddenly.

"—uh, were you saying something?"

But she looks up, and there's nobody in front of her any more.

"— I don't ... know what happened."
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"That's so not cool," Steph says, frowning and rubbing her temples uncomfortably. "It was in my head! Man. What does all that even mean?"
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"Actually ... I feel better." She uncurls herself and stands up, still prodding at her temples. "Like ... clearer, sorta.

"Hey, if you guys need to attack this thing, you'll call me, right?"
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Steph laughs at that first. "Shyeah. Yeah, I'll definitely tell you. That was way creepy, that guy.

"No problems. See you round!"


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