Zed is down in the bowels of MiB HQ, sitting in his usual spot in the bureau's main cafeteria, glowering at a defenseless bagel that had the audacity to be wheat instead of cinnamon-raisin.

Another sign the goddamn universe is going straight to hell.

Bad enough he has to cope with attacks by Black Oil and a Rollerball arena that is threatening to devour even the MiB's nearly limitless budget. Now he's even got to deal with a fresh crop of Agents from that fucking nuthouse Milliways.

What next?
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Duo slams through the double doors and points an accusatory finger at Zed from across the room.

"YOU," he thunders, startling Agent B into dropping his coffee. The Annelids scatter to avoid getting splashed. They flip Duo off cheerfully and hurl insults in their native language.

He ignores all and sundry, stalking up to Zed and glaring down at him. He doesn't look very intimidating with grime smeared on his face and on the borrowed MiB jumpsuit, but he tries very hard.
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"Don't you Maxwell me, I know you did it."

Did we mention the Finger of Accusation?
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"EXACTLY," Duo says, continuing to jab his finger at Zed. "You definitely did it."
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"-well, you aren't wrong. But I haven't been working on the- DON'T TRY AND DISTRACT ME."

Agent B almost drops his new cup of coffee. A cautious audience is starting to gather.
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He definitely wavers. It's been a long morning digging around in the mech's cockpit.

"No!!! Admit your guilt!"
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Duo glares. It's a good one. Several of his fellow Gundam pilots would be impressed by it. Several people whisper nervously in the background.

"You're a big liar."
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He does a little dance of rage. "Do you think I care what you tell your diplomats? I embody 'not from around here'! WHAT ELSE WOULD I BE MAD ABOUT? YOU DID IT."
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There is a brief, ominous silence while all and sundry digest this remark.

"...okay, that's just mean."

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At a nearby table, a certain blonde part-time Agent is busy tapping away on her MiBlackberry over a danish and some coffee. She's a picture of innocence. There's no way she's eavesdropping, nor is she highly amused by what she is hearing.

Oh wait... yes, she is.
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"That mech is way too easy to fix for a piece of alien tech. I always have the perfect tool on hand and it's hardly taking any time at all! I must have done it before."
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"I know your game, big man," Duo says. "Flattery will get you many places, but I am on to you."

Zed had better watch his back!
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Duo's paranoia takes a few moments to work through this.

"Because you wouldn't have zapped everything, and as much as you hate repeating yourself, you also like mocking me."
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Duo makes an inarticulate noise of rage and storms back out.

But not without some of the pączki.

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"Wow," Goldy pipes up from her location. "That was fucking great. Much better than I ever expected."

She's not masking her delight any longer. A big grin is plastered over her face now.

"Way to go, Zee," she lauds.

"I think he's totally buying it."

From: [identity profile] 3rdtimelucky.livejournal.com

"I should hope you did," she laughs in reply, and moves over to join him at his table.

"Who the hell else was it going to be?"

From: [identity profile] 3rdtimelucky.livejournal.com

Goldy is momentarily distracted by an Agent passing their table.

"Looking good, R," she says, finger-gunning the young guy in question and winking at him. The Agent tweaks the lapels of his suit jacket in response, and sends her back a composed wink of his own.

"Sorry, what was that?" she queries, refocusing on Zed. "Oh right. I'm just messing with him. He's a good guy. He can take it."

"Thanks for playing along. That was masterfully done."


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