Zed's been spending most of the day staring out the Observation Window. He doesn't need the holographic data or the floor plans anymore. He really didn't need them in the first place. He could have run this entire scenario in his head if he had had to. Laying it out on paper and screen was just a matter of convenience, and a way to double-check that he wasn't making an obvious mistake.

Either way, the time for prep is done. The word's gone out to the volunteers about tonight's briefing, and they have already begun to show up. Zed's found a quiet corner of the bar and a small table, on which sits the cylinder which is now projecting a holographic image of the MiB logo.

He's been staring at that logo. It's never been more compromised than it is right now. By the time this mission is done, it will stand for something again--or be finished for good.

But then comes the sight of the first people arriving, and just like that, all his worries are cast aside.
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